Tuesday, July 17

i went to st. louis

It is funny how close cities are to cities when you go further east. So close that you venture out on these things called "day trips" that seem great, easy, doable- until you're on your way home, alone, and really just want to sleep. 4 hours to St. Louis from Kansas City is a lot nicer than the 7 hours from Nampa to Portland, but now after making the drive, I do not recommend making both trips in the same day.

I am glad I went. My brother, Cody was in St. Louis for the Nazarene Youth Conference held every four years. It was very fun spending the day with him and seeing he and his friends had grown up. A fun transition to see, which seemed to happen fast.

Here Cody and I are standing next to the foot I designed for the publishing house's exhibit. All of the 16 different feet were this tall. The security was so tight (which is probably a good thing), so people from work had to sneak me in.

For your enjoyment, I will tell you a short story about the drive there.
I had been helping Idaho's reputation all morning by not driving slowly and not cutting people off...until I stopped in Jefferson City to get gas. I chose a gas station having a sale. So did 5 million other drivers. After getting a snack, I quickly ran back to my car and started driving away, so the line of cars behind me could get their chance. I made it about 8 feet, then I felt a forceful pull. What could that be? I turned to look in my mirrors and saw that I had forgotten to put my gas pump back in it's holster. And I had managed to pull the entire hose out of it's place and I now had the pump and hose dragging with my car.
So much for quickly helping out the fellow drivers at the gas station, so much for helping Idaho drivers' reputation, so much for not feeling like a fool.
I then returned the pump (what could I really do with it), apologized and made my way back to the interstate.
thank you, thank you very much

On the drive home that evening, there was lightning to keep me awake and God and I had a great time. All in all a good saturday in st. louis.


Lindsey said...

is it okay that i am laughing out loud at your gas station story?? I will be honest and say that I am surprised it has not happened to me YET. (There is still plenty of time for me.)
by the way, your foot looks beautiful in all of it's glory! pretty in pink.

Newfire said...
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