Friday, July 27

a week of sorts

Twice this week I tried to water ski. Notice the word "tried". My friends were so patient and encouraging, and I probably tried to get up 50 times between the 2 days. Wow, that sounds ridiculous.
I have never been winter skiing and I dislike roller skating and ice skating because I either end up on the railing like a baby or "friends" take my hand and drag me around on the rink, while I'm praying I don't knock my teeth out. So the fact that I couldn't get up on the skis for more than 2 seconds before falling over wasn't that surprising, but I really wanted to get it. After my second evening of pursuit on the lake, we passed a girl who looked 4 years of age, gliding along effortlessly on her skis- my desire to achieve this awkward task increased.
Surprisingly enough, you are still incredibly sore the next day whether you ski across the entire lake, or fall 50 times. Boy am I feeling that everywhere!
I write to tell you this because, all week I envisioned a post on this blog, exclaiming my accomplishment with a picture to prove it. I can't really do that yet, but I wonder if I needed to admit my weakness before I could flaunt my athletic ability or simply, balance.
I'm going out to try again Monday, we shall see!

Earlier this week, I was called in by the book people. Very nice people, some of my favorite here at nph. They started by saying "now, you did everything we asked you to but, "
then started the running of my nervous thoughts. They continued to explain that they really liked the book cover I did for them, but after further editing of the content and showing the author, they realized the cover was too happy and light. The subtitle is "staying on course through life's changing circumstances" and I learned that the majority of the writing is from the perspective of being in a place you really don't want to be, but trusting God to get you through.
One of the editors saw my first cover (see previous post for image) as the blindfolded bird as being stuck, not knowing where to turn, but they have this internal compass guiding them. That is mostly what it was meant to suggest. The other editors and the author however saw the cover saying "well, I'll just walk blindly by faith and everything will be okay".
They said they needed the new cover in 4 days because stores need images for online sales. I was up for the new challenge but felt rushed in such a short time.
I write all of this, not to complain but explain why you won't be seeing the previous cover after all and to tell how much I learned from this experience of really working for your client.

For those who care to read more, one more story of the week-
Wednesday afternoon I was walking out to my car to head to the lake to attempt to ski. I didn't make it to the lake that day. I realized I left my keys in my friend's car while out on a donut run. (reason #20 not to eat donuts) Five minutes go by and I remember my brilliant dad, who knows my tendencies, put an emergency key in a hidden box underneath my car! After finding that, I went to start my car, and it would start for about three seconds and then quit. Some nice co-workers grabbed their spark plugs to help me, and they didn't work. 3 other nice co-workers wanted to try their spark plugs and they didn't work! 7 o'clock and the tow truck arrived. The past two days the mechanics can not figure out what is wrong. So I'm preparing myself for a huge bill or not having a car. Well, my dad called the mechanics today when I couldn't really understand what they were talking about. After they talked a while, they figured out that the key I was using was the spare key.
The spare key only unlocks the doors to the car, and isn't made to start the car.
and I thought the water skiing inability sounded ridiculous.
Thank you men at work for attempting to help!
Sorry mom and dad about the towing and worrying!
Thank you Todd and Melissa for loaning a vehicle!
Well, it won't happen again!

After I have been honest, and you have read, I wish you a happy weekend.
Tomorrow I will work some, my friend Mandy from college will be in town and we will have lunch, then in the evening I will view some MLB! I have tickets to watch the Kansas City Royals lose to the Texas Rangers.

my friend travis was kind enough to share his opinion and some questions about my previous post. I will respond in the comments section of that post if you wish to read.


Anonymous said...

love the book cover...beautious. have a great week...see ya NEXT week - yahoo! love, beth

Anonymous said...

probably shouldn't tell the people who read your blog where you keep your spare key.... not that i'd come and take it or anything... -roomie