Friday, August 10

live from new york, it is friday night

I have not been doing my part in our conversation this past week, I am sorry.I want to thank you, my friends and family for reading and responding and keeping in touch through this wonderful thing called the internet.
I guess my tardiness is due to the stressful ending of my internship. Projects that I wanted to completely finish before I left were taking longer and there were a lot of "final duties", but more than that I was feeling sad and overwhelmed that it was all ending. You know, questioning if I had done all that I could have and wondering if I appreciated it enough while in it. I think I lived in the moment and it felt great. I have been out of town the past couple of days and it feels weird not being in kansas and missouri.

but i have been in a great york city! I am here with the art department from NNU on an art history tour. it is wonderful. i have been taking photos of course but forgot my cord, so pictures to come. Similar to how I felt after traveling to Europe last summer, it has been incredible to see that art is not just a hobby that an "artsy" person chooses to take on, but a vital, important part of culture. We have been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art (which was incredible, I have to go back to see the rest), the Frick Collection, which is a mansion of a family who accumulated a vast amount of work from 12th century alter pieces to Van Eck, Rembrandt and Whistler. It is rewarding to see pieces in their greatness after seeing them in inches in history books. Also my wonderful art history, drawing and painting teacher Amanda, who is leading the trip had her new york artist friend take us around Chelsea, New York, to lots of independent galleries. That has maybe been the most exciting outing yet, seeing contemporary art as it is happening and having people to discuss it with! I want to get back and make things right now!

We can choose what we do with our evenings and meals and there have been many savory restaurants we have stumbled upon...tonight was sushi!

I don't have much wit or pondered conclusions to write of, but I am having a blessed week and wanted to say hello to you my friends.

ps-I found out minimum wage was raised to $5.85 in Nampa! even if it was forced, we're movin on up.

good night and good wishes

(thanks for your note uncle larry!)


Anonymous said...

hey sister - it was GOOD to see you in your midwestern element last week. glad you are having a great you!!! -beth

J.R. said...

Hey, nice choice of music! Did you know of them before last week?

Madelyn said...

Hi Kylee!!! this is your cousin Maddie! We all miss you so much! Are you going to come see us for christmas this year? I hope we get to see you soon. I really love all your pictures. When I am in hightschool I am going to take photography. I cant wait to talk to you soon. Hey wait also you can email me at with love
Maddie *<:o)