Sunday, June 24

summer lovin of sorts

I want to say thank you all for reading and replying, it's really nice to be able to correspond some with people I love.

The past couple of days at work have been filled with an intern think tank meeting. The directors asked the interns to brainstorm on what we think the church needs. That's a big question, and they left it at that, hoping the freedom of the project would let our creativity run wild. The 16 of us all working in different departments, took the Myers Briggs personality test and then we were split up into groups. We were told to come up with a couple campaigns we were passionate about that NPH could then market and produce. I really enjoy discussions like this, although we had never worked together before, so you have almost strangers discussing a subject they are very passionate about but with differing opinions. We surprisingly came up with a couple ideas that we agreed on.

The proposed project I am most excited about is material that would provide the structure and topic material for inter-generational small groups. I have experienced the wonderful benefits of a class at church at home that had inter-generational groups discussing and learning together, and it was encouraging to know that other college students from different places also see that connection as a true need in church today. We will present to the board of the publishing house Wednesday.

But I am ready to get back to my book cover now!

I once again am so thankful for my summer here. I have gotten to know a few interns pretty well. I am continually surprised at how much has been provided while being here. I was even sad when one of my intern friends, Emily left for the weekend. Already? I thank the Lord, He knows how meaningful connection is to me, and I have had many wonderful people to connect with in only three weeks. And not to forget to mention, my wonderful friends, the Fryes made their move to Kansas this weekend, and how great to be with all of them, I felt like I was at home, swiming and playing games immediately. I have been given much more than I deserve.

I hope summer lovin for all of my friends.


Anonymous said...

Kylee - I will be in K.C. July 20 - 23. I would love to see you!

Kathy Burns

Anonymous said...

Love your stuff! What an incredible opportunity! You are greatly missed. I especially miss seeing you in the morning and making your drink.
Look foward to your return and hearing all about your time in KC!

Stacey said...

Give our friends the Frye's big hugs for us. Tell them to give you one from us too.