Monday, June 11

we're in kansas! and missouri!

We, as in I, actually travel back and forth between the two states daily.
I am doing it, I'm starting a blog. I want to let my friends and family know and see what I am doing and blogging seemed like the winning option. A week ago my dad and I were driving through seven states to arrive in the surprisingly pretty, kansas city area. My dad did the hard parts of the drive and put up with hours of wonderful music. He shortly after flew back to Idaho and I stayed to do an internship at the Nazarene Publishing House.

I work for and with great people who trust me without even knowing me. The outside architecture and interior design and furniture of the art department is grand, I am thankful every day walking in. The designers chose much of the modern design and it makes for a very comfortable 9 hour work day. The two designers I sit closest to, graduated from the NNU design program and have been a wonderful blessing. The three of us talk of our wonderful teacher and mentor and see that the training we received really has made us capable of doing something we love. It has been encouraging to see their success and be reassured once again of the incredible education I was given. I was given two REAL jobs the first day. My work is thinking and designing, I am so lucky. I am praying with thanksgiving for an easy transition into this new routine. Change is usually not my forte, but God has been so near. He is providing meaningful connections with new friends, He is instilling confidence in what I am doing and He is being Himself. What would we do without?


Stacey said...

It is great to see and hear what you are doing! We miss you. Stacey

Anonymous said...

Hi Honey, I am so impressed with the facilities and I love being able to see where you are working!
I'll be checking often.
Miss you, but am so happy for you.

karla said...

Wow Kylee!
What an amazing work environment. You look and sound happy! Good for you. I can't wait to see what you accomplish. Have a great summer.
Love you.

Anonymous said...

Kylee, you don't seem so far away now that I have seen where you work and have heard about your surroundings and friends. You are in my prayers and thoughts. I will especially miss you in our Wed. night meeting tonight. Shall I save your roast beef sandwich on sour dough? Love, Kay

Norrma & Donna said...

Thanks Kylee for the update. You are a super gal in our book. I first visited Kansas City when I was about 9. I like the town.
Donna and i had a party for one of our employees that has been with us 50 yrs. Sending your Blog on to Wayne and Treva. You are in a great place. June 13/07

Anonymous said...

Hi "Sweetpea"
We are so very proud of all that you have accomplished. Love seeing what you have done, & knowing that you are happy. What a great experience for you. We miss & love you very much....Grandma Suzy & Pop
P.S. Now I know what a BLOG is--Ha