Friday, March 7

welcome spring.

Although it has seemed long, I am thankful today and every day that winter isn't endless. or any season for that matter.
but especially winter.

and happy birthday to carlsbad!

go put on a short sleeved shirt


travis said...

ironically enough, this is the first cold(ish) day we've had in seattle for a while.

Chris Spicer said...

I feel like yesterday deserved this post more than today did. Today was nice, but I wish the sun was out, ya' know?

Good to see a new post from you though, Ky-Pea.

reed said...

this is a joke playing off of that one poster, that has been with me my whole life. it's a fridays, you remember.

Carly said...

YAY thanks for the birthday shout out!! I just now saw it... haha... love you.