Monday, March 17

the commercial part of me

is thankful for my year's turn at the robin's eggs.
and soon to come reeses eggs.
but no thank you, i'll pass on any sort of jelly bean.

Today I am able to work at my friend's boutique while she is on a buying trip. It is motivating to be in such a creative environment...but I am looking forward to tomorrow when I can get comfortable in the jumpsuit and paint until and after my arm is tired.

I am hearing of good adventures from canada, florida, portland & vegas from spring breaking friends, and just to let you know, Nampa is full of them too. We are doing just fine on this overcast day.

I hope all of you, my friends are having a good holy week, preparing ourselves for best part of Sunday.


Nicole said...

I love reading your posts Kylee :-) But you still need to add me on your friends list missy!!

Sherry said...

yea for Spring Break and being almost done with school:). Hang in there!

and an even bigger praise the Lord for Easter candy:)