Thursday, December 31

I would like endless file cabinets

I am cleaning my room. So that I may enjoy my room. And so that if my roommate happens to leave beautiful handmade Christmas gifts on my pillow while I am out of town, the gifts will feel safe and like they may belong in such a room and there will be space for them besides on my pillow.

I secretly enjoy cleaning my room once I give in to the daunting task. The pile atop my nightstand is the "really important must deal with soon or find a special spot for or don't bend!" pile. As you can see it keeps growing and it is becoming scarier and scarier to place items upon nightstand. This is the time of night where I lose momentum and get tired and want to quit but there are organized piles all over my bed.

I want shelves hanging from the ceiling and the most careful card and important paper saver and endless file cabinets.

Many will call this hints of pack rat syndrome but there are grey potential projects covering the floor! And I know I just happen to be blessed with really nice memories and most of these objects help me to not forget.

Here's to round 2!

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The Funny Farm said...

Here, here! Preach Sista!