Thursday, January 1

should old acquaintance be forgot

my friend is kind of slow with pictures from kansas so those will come later... but for now a list.
a loose list, but full of thought and hope.

a movie with my brother every two weeks

five letters written and sent each week. not just thought and agreed upon but licked, stamped and dropped.

work out. I know, long shot. but I am not treating my body how it should be treated. and after looking at the J. Crew catalog with Kaysha tonight (as unimportant as it may sound) I want to be able to tuck a shirt into trousers how I used to.

cook 2-3 meals a week.

keep up with my planner that I already inserted birthdays into.

put some medium of art from one of my many scattered inspirations onto paper each week.

apply and follow up contact at least five design jobs before march.

help my grandma create a cookbook

become more comfortable with the habit of prayer. because I am so blessed when I let myself. and even if I don't feel like it, God asked me to talk with him.

here's the thing, I want to be a disciplined person, I think about it all the time. I could keep listing all the things that if accomplished would qualify me as such, but I am going to take one thing at a time. And the purpose can't be "to be disciplined" but because I believe in the act I am participating in. So I'll read a book because I want to become informed about that subject. Or I'll write Bethany because I want to remind her I love her.

I'm going to add the action to the always present thought.

A cup of new years' kindness to you. what do you hope for now?


Jolleen said...

Ooo...Kylee, these are great. I am especially interested in hearing throughout the year about your weekly art and how your actions are defining your present life. Ahhh, the ending question of hope...thinking alike Kylee. I'll be posting on that soon enough. You are a gem.

katie henbest said...

thank you for sharing Kylee. this was a very pleasant read.