Thursday, November 22

sweet potato chowder

(that is my contribution to the meal today, we shall see how it goes!)

Last night at dinner, two of my friends from Scotland reminded me that Thanksgiving isn't celebrated everywhere. If I had looked back on my elementary education, I would have remembered the Native Americans kindly sharing with the new pilgrims.
So is Thanksgiving a day we are supposed to be thankful for our country? I am thankful for the US and most of it's intentions, but I think this year I will focus a little more on the many reasons to be thankful for every thing.

Since there are countless things for which I am grateful, I will focus on some recent:
a friend teaching me how to paint with oils
new music (beirut,midlake,band of horses, and the rediscovered white album)
a break from work to regroup
preparation for the Advent season of anticipation
grandma & co.'s cooking
friends to miss and love
candied walnuts
having options

-these are things I am thankful for today-
thank you Lord for blessings each day, even the first pilgrims.


bethany said... was the chowder? wish we were there. when are you going to give beau and i our rain check and come out and visit?
love ya.

J.R. said...

glad to see you are listening to Midlake, that is a great album. That's all.