Sunday, September 23

a quandry

I am curious.
How do you find time to do things you love? Things that are a part of you? I'm finding that some things get pushed back just because we're focusing on another interest.
I guess it comes back to weighing priorities, but I don't want to stop what I am doing, it's just sad knowing that the things I'm not doing are becoming less familiar.

What do you think?


Stacey said...

That is a great question Kylee. That is something I have to do every Sunday night as I plan out my week coming week. One thing I have had to make a priority is my God time. I do not let myself get online or watch my favorite reality show unless I have done my devotions. I try to fold laundry, straighten up and load dishwasher while having a conversation with a friend on the phone. I love talking on the phone to friends and have to keep house, so I would say try to consolidate. Then, whatever doesn't get done on Monday gets pushed to Tuesday, etc. Let me know what advice you have for me!

travis said...

rob bell says in his book velvet elvis (a bit of a paraphrase, since i don't have it right here) "I am called to the relentless pursuit of who God made me to be. Anything else is sin."

I know your not asking for scheduling and time management advice. So I think its about making planned choices and realizing that trimming down the content of life is often painful. And also realizing that as you grow up, things that were a big part of your life have to be pushed to the side and identified as what they are, hobbies, as you pursue the path that God has laid in front of you.