Tuesday, February 19

today i will write

for beth. for kathy. for stacey. for karla. for cindy. for travis. and that is probably all who read.
but i have been craving writing to you again.
I plan to post updates and progress on the creating of my art show
(april 9)
(( i post the date, mostly as a constant ticking clock for added pressure))
(((and to invite you my friends)))

It's actually really nice, I don't feel forced to work on the show at all. I want to. I guess it pays to end by working with materials in a way that feels natural.

I am working on balance. An attempted healthy ammount of excitement for the future and enjoyment of every second of the closing now. An attempted healthy ammount of working on the portfolio until I fall over and being okay with imperfections.

and! the sun does still exist and is "brightening" more days.

off to modern european history textbook. yes, i saved classes like these for my last semester! I will be posting photos of work on the show soon.

May we all be filled with hunger as we continue through the lenten season.


Stacey said...

I was so surprised to see you had written when I was making my "blog rounds" this morning. Have a great day.

travis said...

i very much look forward to seeing photos of your show pieces. and perhaps, i may indeed come down for it. will there be a reception or opening party or something? if so, when will that be?

also, "currently listening: vampire weekend". they're getting a lot of hype, but i initially did not enjoy them at all. perhaps they deserve another listen.

hope you are well friend.

Anonymous said...

You're awesome, Kylee!! Thanks for writing. I'm looking forward to your show. It will be a can't miss for me.


Cindy W. said...

So great to hear from you! I am looking forward to seeing your work. You have such an amazing talent!!!

Sherry said...

ohp...I check you often! Glad to see you have written a post. Excited to see your portfolio as well!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Where I can find it?