Tuesday, March 31

feeling it

tonight, sitting in what was I guess the front row, but instead front couch, listening to a nice band visiting from florida, I enjoyed dancing. But not the usual show dance or happy dance or group of friends who can't really but really love to dance.

Only my feet were moving, but man were they feeling it.

It was as if all of the energy that could be worn off by a full body dance (?) was directed to my feet. And I could watch from above like a puppeteer. This dancing was so satisfying. There were different movements for syncopation, felt mostly in my knees, a sort of steady unplanned "kick, ball, change" for keeping time and the toe to heel scatterings across the floor mirroring the mood and tempo.

It was too loud to really say much but I could look to my left and my right at Caleb and Kaysha, exchange a nod, maybe a point and know that they were dancing too.

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