Thursday, November 27

happy thanksgiving

I am in Portland relaxing. Relaxing? Yes. I am thankful this is a part of the requirement on this day.

I have tried to make it a practice to live, without planning or hoping for the next month, but living in the current. And it has been a blessed, simply fun time. There of course are still responsiblities to prepare for and take care of but a whole lot of enjoying is possible too.

I am weighing options of later in the back of my or there, do I commit to re-entering the ever-changing design world or take a break to simply create work or prepare for more school? I don't know. Probably all, but the order of events is unknown.

What I do know is that my fun, support, encouragement and people to enjoy the present with are God sent. Really, I don't know anyone more blessed. I am thankful, thankful, thankful.

Yesterday I was able to catch up with some wonderful friends from Boise who moved to Washington. I visited their new place with beautiful modern lighting seen before even entering the home, played some legos, star wars and dancing with Nels and Willem, had a great time catching up with Gypsy over tea, listened to some smashing new tunes provided by Shaun, sure to take me into the new year well, and enjoyed some goat cheese and olive pizza and ginger coconut ice cream. What a nice day.

But that wasn't even the whole day! I then made my way to the Rose Garden to catch a Trailblazers game with my family. While I claim football as my game and basketball is my brothers, it was neat to watch a good game in the large venue. Thanks Uncle Steve!

I will now enjoy a rare Pearson Thanksgiving upstairs. My childhood Thanksgiving of 60+ Collins/Hull family members in a church with similar stories and the same great tastes each year, is now traded for a summer gathering but what a great introduction to Thanksgiving I was given. I am thankful for those days and now, these. Ah yes.


jm said...

i hope your thanksgiving festivities proved fun. see you tonight.

shaun said...

You have another Shaun in your life who provides smashing tunes?

wade said...

Kylee, thanks for supporting the Blazers, and for not supporting the Hornets. I appreciate you.