Saturday, February 21


I was at the four-way stop by the glass shop, in between flying m and NNU and I saw the most interesting site.

A man in jeans and a flannel dragging a large cross over his shoulder.
I wanted to stop driving and watch and try to experience every possible contemporary vs. historical connection possible. But I continued to drive. Maybe he was trying to semi-experience the weight of the cross his Savior willingly carried.
I assume he was simply transporting the cross somewhere from one of the seven churches in the mile radius. But for me, I chose to let myself read deeper, I chose to begin my meditation on this upcoming season of Lent. Not only did Christ have to carry an awkward heavy cross while being beaten and ridiculed- he was the one nailed to it and killed. And willingly? And for me?
I pray to forget my laziness, my Grey's Anatomy, my list making, my worrying, my coffee, to attempt to experience each part of Lent, to come a little closer to understanding the sacrifice made for us.

As if that site wasn't enough to stop for, thirty seconds later I passed a large Budweiser semi pulling out of NNU. Ah irony.
(is that an appropriate use of the word irony, Chris?)


jeffrey greene said...

I'm pretty sure we saw the same guy in Meridian when I was in town a week ago. I saw him 3 times in a few days. And I didn't notice the first time, but there were little wheels at the bottom of the cross...I'm not sure what he was trying to communicate, but I really wanted to sit down and ask him.

Chris Spicer said...

Irony was definitely the correct choice. Good job.