Sunday, April 5

back to it

After a wonderful (and the most appreciated in my 10 years of charter school experience) two and a half week spring break, I will go back to work tomorrow. But enough about that, it's still Sunday!

I was reminded on Friday that a clear sign of a good friend is one who chooses to spend an hour or two in target instead of the necessary twenty minutes.

My male co-worker at Anthropologie educated me a bit on how you can tell where someone is from. I will share with you. I guess all you have to do is look at a girl's ponytail. He said "a girl is totally from the west coast if her ponytail is set high on her head. And she is definitely from the east if the ponytail rests at her neck."
Okay. I guess I've seen evidence of this but was not aware of the standard. I then asked him where I am from if I like to wear my ponytail (bad name) pulled back, I guess aligned with my ears.
Without taking more than a second, Brian told me I must be from the midwest.
Niiiice. I like the midwest and you can tell from my ponytail.

After a week of clouds, wind, rain and snow I spent my Saturday outside at my dear friend's second birthday party. It was perfect out. Perfect for chalk and bubbles, the constant grazing of good snacks, a lime in my sparkling water, sitting and closing my eyes in yes, a tank top and actually feeling that sweet sun, and perfect for my friend's favorite activity of the day, twirling and falling down so many times. Ah, yes.

Tonight I heard a beautiful piano recital by a friend who has spent months preparing. Superb. Then my dad bought me peanut butter n' chocolate ice cream at the only acceptable place to eat such a flavor. satisfied and blessed I will head to bed.


The Funny Farm said...

So inspired! I mentioned you my blog if you are interested....


Jolleen said...

Aren't you from the 90's if you wear your ponytail high on your head? Or 8 years old? Actually, I'm looking at my students and 5 of the 7 girls with ponytails wear theirs low. I hope I get to spend a sunny day with you spend them well it sounds. And I will soon be taking piano lessons from that pianist you spoke about! :)

Jolleen said...

P.S. I'm glad you're blogging more.

The Funny Farm said...

Yes! I am always ready to impose :) Name the time and place, any show will work.