Tuesday, April 7

little chicklet teeth

On our first day back, 4 first graders smiled widely to display their new hole and tell me of their recently missing tooth. They were so excited, this is what they had been waiting for. Some would smile and not say a word, expecting me to of course know what they were communicating, weren't we all waiting for this accomplishment? I am honored to be one to whom they can show their holes in their mouth. I realized this event in their lives is similar to the equivalent of me finding a job (soon?!) or my uncle's first day of fishing season or my friends buying a house or my other friends sending their final little one to school or my grandpa's welcoming of his first lavendar patch of the year. It's nice to enjoy eachother's "firsts" What are yours this spring?

In a completely unrelated manner please enjoy this dialogue between my mother and thirteen year old sister last night.

mom: (passionately) "Kadyn, with your body weight if you were to take three drinks you would have alcohol poisoning!"

kadyn:(pause) " Did you learn that from 'ER'?"

mom: (longer pause) "yes"

ER lives on, I guess those 15 years really impacted her.


jeffrey greene said...

so funny! ER does live on.

Anonymous said...

I play a doctor on t.v.

shaun said...

I lead sang with a microphone in front of an audience for the first time this spring.

kylee said...

oh no! did I miss that when I decided to skip out on the early morning denny's lounge experience? how was your time on the stage?

shaun said...

No, it wasn't karaoke, and there was no stage. It was when I played with Brian last thursday night at the Modern.