Tuesday, June 24

abra abra cadabra

(i'm missing me some art depart.)

my grandpa called me today and said "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 and you're gone"...sheesh thanks for the reminder. I have no idea how I will get all of what I wish to accomplish, accomplished before I go, in a way getting in the car with those planned and spontaneous tunes sounds good. (as long as my company permits the proper volume at which one should symbolically drive away to). I told a friend today that I think I want to skip this week. But really I don't, I will enjoy every instant with my familiarity of this town and these people this week. I, as you are I am sure, am ready to write about other thoughts besides those of leaving but politics and knowledge isn't really on my mind quite yet. Though I did learn more about Ron Paul today (the real Ron Paul, not Ryan Harter Ron Paul) Some of those constitutional ideas sound nice, but sadly I think if the provision of the less fortunate were left up to us and the government pulled all aid, people would fall through the cracks. I would love to see our churches and volunteer groups and individuals step up and provide food and shelter but I don't know if our habits, my habits would be able to handle that responsibility. Who knows. I plan to ask a lot of opinions in the next few months, read what I can and watch not only MSNBC, but a little of Fox too.

My Idaho Pick of the Post is (I've been waiting to write this one)
Running into people.
Now on days when I have tear stains on my glasses, I oversleep, need to get a ton done, and just like being by myself, this running into people can get old
BUT, I hardly ever take that side, I absolutely love running into people I am acquainted with, I know and I care about-so easily. For instance I had a few common run-ins today. In the drive-thru at the bank I rolled down my window to chat with Twila. At the bistro I ran into a lovely co-worker and people from church. At Flying M, I sat down with the Sewards for a bit, hugged Noah and talked with two of my favorite barista friends. While checking out after getting my eyebrows waxed by the lovely Victor, I realized the receptionist is my slumber party friend from Greenhurst elementary, Kandace's little sister. I was behind a fellow NNU student in the (shhh-McDonalds) drive-thru. And passed the Feilds' and Stacey on the road. Okay that sounds somewhat overwhelming, but these daily happenings make me feel at home. That is how we stay connected, other than intentional meetings, we count on seeing eachother and checking in, because that is guaranteed to happen. I feel like I entered this town pre-blessed with connections from my grandparents and parents, before I could even appreciate it, but I am so thankful that I grew up with so much support in a kind of small town. Big enough for 4 subways,4 freeway exits, and an Old Navy (whoa! I know) but small enough to maintain that quality in the Karcher Mall, to have one "boulevard" and know someone everywhere.
And this running into happens in Boise too, I guess 19 years makes sense. I went to Saturday market for the last time, as a previous Idaho Pick, I will miss thee and the shy boy selling me my weekly lettuce dearly.

I'll have to stop my habit of looking around to see who I can say hello to when entering the grocery store, when in Kansas/Missouri.

Okay, some music...
For anyone who hasn't listened to Midlake, you have to, I am continually impressed and pleased and happy when listening. Also, Camera Obscura and Fleet Foxes have been really nice to listen to lately as well.

Tori and I purchasing the Coldplay album at midnight last week.

Okay and a mini Viva la Vida review,
articles talk about this being Coldplay's experimental album, while I wouldn't call it that, it does venture into other genres a bit more than usual. and I LOVE IT. Man, they always time their releases in a way that their fans are desperate for the next installment of the collection. I forgot what it was like to receive this package from a favorite band you've been missing, a package full of ELEVEN new songs for you to enjoy. ELEVEN at one time is overwhelming. I really enjoy how the songs and how you interpret them evolve as you listen more and more. Based on just the song's beauty and how it lead me through a day last week, I will say that "Strawberry Swing" is my favorite. "...and it's such a perfect day..." the happy anticipation built throughout is really nice. Also at the top I think are "Lost", "42" and the the relationship between the intro "Life in Technicolor" and the outro "Lost". The Asain influence is nice, I thought a lot of blending parts sounded more intentional than in the past. Chris, I understand how a couple songs sound radio-friendly, but I wouldn't dub the whole album as that. Okay that's probably enough, but I am very pleased and thankful for the new album, this was nice after X&Y.
What do you think?

Off to watch another film for my last class!


Jamie and Trevor said...

It will be hard to grocery shop in a new place - to look around and realize that you don't know a soul in there. But as time passes, no matter how far away it seems, you will meet people, and eventually you will see them in the store. And when you do, the payoff will be totally worth the wait. We love you buddy, and we're really proud of you.

shaun said...

I liked reading this a lot.

J.R. said...

Good review of the new Coldplay. I think it's my favorite one since Parachutes.

Stacey said...

You sure do know a lot of people. I thought that was you after I saw you at Hollywood, but... you were going so fast I wasn't sure-heehee!!! I was looking for a home for my sister/family.

Stacey said...

Oh ya, and I am sure it won't come as a surprise to you that I prefer Fox News over the others. So predictable.

katie wilson said...

love this one, dear. i understand so many of the things you are saying...i cherish familiarity and random sitings as well. i am excited for you, though. i know you will grow so much in the coming years.

love new Colplay as well. gosh, what a different sound. Derek and i hardly stop listening.

Anonymous said...

Fox news? I am disappointed.