Saturday, June 28


i am about to leave for the midwest, indefinately...okay, it's time to stop thinking about it and try it.

yet today, there was no point in wearing mascara.

I will be awake until we leave at 7 am. too much to do. with the lack of sleep, my driving companions (my mom and her friend stacy) do not wish for me to be the first driver in the morning. I have been planing all along to be the first driver, symbolically driving away from my home, with the perfect planed music, with the others forced to sleep so I could cry it out...but the sleep will sound very nice right about then and I will act like east Utah (yuck) is my homeland and i will participate in these things there.

I will update you on leg one of the trip tomorrow (this) evening. We plan to stop in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where we have the hook up with a hotel- free of charge.

today was really hard and weird, just one good bye after another...but the evening finsihed with a fine wedding with dancing and fine foods, followed by a game of poker with some other pals.

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Peter Roy said...

don't forget about me out there! goodbye!

Kristin said...

Kylee - this post made me cry! Can't wait for you to get here and give you a big hug, let you cry it out, and then we can go for a scooter ride through the Plaza :-)

Much love! see you soon and drive safe!!!

shaun said...

You shouldn't cry while driving, vision will get all blurry. Good pick of the post. Enjoy the trip.

Anonymous said...

i've made that drive before.

ugh. nebraska.

bethany said...

yay. the first of many daring adventures. may the road rise up to meet you! love ya, b