Tuesday, June 10

box number 1

I've packed one box. a physical box, containing 6 categories of newly organized things I will keep- leaving a pile of things I could bear throwing away. It's weird, ideally I want to take every object I wish to keep with me, not leaving anything in my parents' garage, but that means living on a lot less. That's probably good. It's just different letting go of the back up. I forgot about the specific qualities of the boxes' fillings, not needing them these past years, but I knew the boxes were there, just in case.

I've packed my first box of a different kind too. Such a good box. I said good bye to the first set of great friends. It's probably a blessing all of these departures will be happening gradually. This first box is headed to LA and won't return until I am gone, so the last hurrahs were had this last week, including the great outdoors, shoping, sharing of ideas, cooking experiments, the zoo, relaxing & living- and they were deeply enjoyed. One of the greatest things (see how I am being positive?) about this hard move (yes, that I chose) is that I am reminded of how loved I am by our God, because of the love around me. I don't know how I became so fortunate. I love the people here, so it's becoming very difficult to chose one good thing (kansas city) over another (home).

please tell me how you leave beauty like this.

It's been hard to write, but I love reading your blogs, so I will continue! My weird month or so of summer has included:

-the desire to work out to prepare for boating season. nah.
-soaking up
-good sermons
-great new recipes and cooking techniques learned with the hamiltons.
-working at anthropologie- I've met really nice people from a different crowd & I've
been inspired to create.
-the class of walking & jogging for the last time
-graduation parties
-catching up
-belonging to a place
-running into peeps (one of top 5 greatest things about this valley)
-loving & watching Esly learn and grow.
-hanging with my cool siblings.
-winning monopoly against shaun, tori & caleb.
-saturday market with halberts
-new music!
-new friends!
-living with elise & wade & helping prepare for the next fashion show
-kaysha's back!
-watching paul's dogs & now amanda's cats. (still not an animal lover)
-getting scared about our economy.
-wondering about this occupation of mine- to make things look good when our world
needs a lot more than that.

well if you're still reading, i guess you now know my mind is full of gladness, fear, grief, excitement & preparation and I thank you for praying with me.
oh this growing up.
box 2 tomorrow...

(note to reed & chris- we haven't said goodbye yet, you weren't my first box because I'll see you in August. May didn't count.)


Jolleen said...

Kylee, you are a beautiful soul. When do you leave exactly?

I love She & Him...but mostly I love M. Ward.

Anonymous said...

this is such a heart wrenching, yet beautiful process that you're apart of right now kypear. I'm so glad you're surrounding yourself with all of the right memories right now. I'm excited to have the chance to say Bye to you sometime.

shaun said...

The baby in the picture with you is flipping off the camera: being very sly about it too. And I agree with Chad, it is a heart wrenching experience, but a good one to experience nonetheless. You'll find new beauty. At least one of us will have good monopoly memories. Mine are all of people hating me, frustration, and losing. Where's the pick of the post?

deb said...

Kylee, can I have one last visit with you before you go? Our last one wasn't long enough... :)